The Afro News

The Afro News

The Afro News is an independent news magazine with both print and online versions. Honore, the owner and editor of TAN approached me looking for work on his website when it wasn't matching with his desired branding and wasn't working up to the standards he needed it to be at.


The Project

My team got to work updating the site with a new Premium WordPress theme, Thesis.

Home Page

We then updated the look and feel of the Home Page, adding something about who TAN is and a call to action, and organizing the articles better to make it easier for visitors to find news about a specific topic or region.



Advertising Page

We also updated the look of their Advertising page, which was originally very wordy and dull looking, adding in new graphics and re-writing the text to make it more interesting and really pop, so it could do a better job of promoting thier advertising options, both in their print magazine, and their online banner ads.




The Advertising page also had a promotion for subscribing for their print magazine, which seemed out of place there, so we moved that onto its own page, the new Subscribe page.


History Page

We then did some minor fixes to their History page, adding in subheadings and re-arranging the photos on there to better space the page out and create an overall better experience for visitors.