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The Online Sales Funnel Pt 1 - An Introduction

The Online Sales Funnel - Part 1

In our new series, The Online Sales Funnel, which we'll be working on over the coming weeks, we look into the sales and marketing tool that's revolutionized e-commerce, the Online Sales Funnel.

In Part 1 we look at where the idea of Sales Funnels came from, what a Sales Funnel is, and an overview of how the Internet and new online tools have revolutionized it with automation options.

I Run A Service Business, How Is A Sales Funnel Relevant to Me?

Lead Generation Sales Funnel

This seems like a no-brainer. “I don't have any products I could sell online so how could I possibly benefit from a sales funnel?” On the surface it would seem like you can't. The reality is that there are many kinds of sales funnels, each catering to a different goal. If you run a service business, what kind of sales funnel to you need?

Sales Funnel Vs. Traditional E-commerce Site: What's right For Me?

Sales Funnel VS. Website

This is a very good question and depending on who you ask you will hear answers like “websites are dead, the way to go is a sales funnel” or “a sales funnel is all you need.” You will also get a lot of “what is a sales funnel?” too. So what's the best choice? Well, that really depends...

What Are the Parts of a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel Model

Last week I talked about the general definition of a sales funnel. This week I'll delve into the 5 parts of any sales funnel: Prospects, Contacts, Leads, Finalists, and Clients.

First off all, why have all these steps?

Well, the goal of each step is basically to do what's called “qualify” the person on your list. Is this person a buyer, or a time waster? Does this person actually need what you have to offer? Does this person have the money to buy it, even if he/she does need it?