Special Notice -- Recovering From Hack

As I mentioned in yesterdays' announcement, Radiant Freedom got hacked recently.

I have some new information to share with you all. The site of my client and partner business Vivid Freedom got several hacking attempts earlier today, but these attempts were unsuccessful. They did enable Will Fan of Vivid Freedom to get some info about the attacks on his site which we suspect was connected in some way to the attacks on Radiant Freedom here. It appears that the attacks may have originated from a group of hackers that targets small businesses and websites like ours for traffic hijacking purposes.

In any event, so far the damage here has been limited to the alteration of the username and password of the Webmaster's admin account and inserting some fake "typos" in some pages, possibly an attack on the branding and credibility of Radiant Freedom. I am in the process of installing additional Drupal security modules and cleaning up the servers of redundant files to make the site more secure moving forward. The site should remain online and there have been no signs of further attacks since the hack was discovered yesterday.

I once again apologize for the delays in posting part 3 of the Anatomy of a Good Website series while I secure the site from future attacks.

I've also received messages of support from some of my followers and thank you for your support and patience in moving through this time.

I expect to resume my normal blogging activities by Sunday or Monday at the latest.

In the meanwhile, I will continue to keep you all posted on any updates and will also share with you my experiences in recovering this site securing it against future attacks. Security is a huge issue on the internet and I would like to help you all avoid the hardship I just went through.

Kindest Regards,

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