Special Notice - Radiant Freedom Got Hacked

Hi all,

Today I should be posting part 3 of my series on website design, but unfortunately a hacker stole that away from you when he hacked my site and prevented me from accessing it for hours. I am currently working on cleaning up the site and making sure nothing was damaged. If anyone has any problems logging in be sure to use the password recovery feature.

I'd recommend all users change their password ASAP just to be on the safe side. Also check that your real email address is still listed under your account. I'm still researching how this hack could have happened and how to prevent a future occurrence but from what I can tell so far, someone managed to insert a new username and password for the primary site admin account, which means the attacker would have had access to modify your email account while on the site.

I will be taking the added precaution of adding Sitelock to the site to keep it more secure in the future.

I'm sorry if this attack has caused anyone any inconvenience and I intend to ensure such attacks do not happen again with every reasonable precaution I can possibly take.

I will keep you all updated and resume normal site activities as soon as I have fully cleaned up any damage the intruder may have caused and fixed the hole the intruder used to gain this level of access.

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