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Special Notice -- Resuming My Blog

Most of the recovery work has been done now, and I'll shortly be returning to my normal blogging activities. Part 3 of my Anatomy of a Good Website series will be going up later today.

I would like to again thank my subscribers for your patience and support in dealing with this attack.

Kindest Regards,
Jason Ross, Owner and Founder of Radiant Freedom

Special Notice - Radiant Freedom Got Hacked

Hi all,

Today I should be posting part 3 of my series on website design, but unfortunately a hacker stole that away from you when he hacked my site and prevented me from accessing it for hours. I am currently working on cleaning up the site and making sure nothing was damaged. If anyone has any problems logging in be sure to use the password recovery feature.

The Anatomy of a Good Website - Part 1

Web Design

As a web developer, it's about time I gave you some tips about how to develop a good, well-designed website. I'll go over the basic principles of a good website, and also what can cause a bad design. I'll then give you some examples of both good and bad designs for websites.

There are 5 main things to keep in mind when designing a website:

What Is the Biggest Cause of Your Failure?


All the other things I’ve posted over the past months all come down to one thing, what you think, how you act, and what you do. You choose to fail, by choosing the wrong focus, not following up with clients/leads, not closing the deal, not setting goals, listening to the wrong advice and all the other things you “know you should do” but don’t.

"Our only limitations are those we set up in our own minds." -- Napoleon Hill

Truer words were never spoken, or in this case written. These words were taken right out of Napoleon Hill's much-quoted book Think and Grow Rich.

How many times have you seen or been a participant of this scenario? Person A says something like, "I have this great opportunity for you!" "Oh yeah! What is it?" is the gist of what Person B says. Then after Person A has described the nature of the opportunity, person B says something like "but that's impossible!" or "that would never work!" or something to that effect.

The Wrong Focus

Wrong Focus

So you've got your business running, you're an entrepreneur! Yet is your business really profiting like it should? All too often it isn't. Why? Is it a bad industry? Are you not good enough? No. The issue is often that people don't focus on what actually makes them money.

Here's how much time a typical small business owner will end up spending on the three main types of activities of a business:

The Money is In the Follow Up

Follow Up

The follow up is where most sales are made, yet this is the area that most business owners and sales people fall short on. It's also much easier to sell to an existing client then to find a new client. So the follow up really is where the money is made.

Some things to consider in choosing when and how you want to follow up: