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Sales Funnel Vs. Traditional E-commerce Site: What's right For Me?

Sales Funnel VS. Website

This is a very good question and depending on who you ask you will hear answers like “websites are dead, the way to go is a sales funnel” or “a sales funnel is all you need.” You will also get a lot of “what is a sales funnel?” too. So what's the best choice? Well, that really depends...

John Chow At the Vancouver Business Network

Jason Ross and John Chow

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Vancouver Business Network meetup for the first time and met millionaire blogger John Chow, also for the first time. John was last week's keynote speaker and he revealed a ton of valuable information on how to power up any business' online sales.

For those of you not familiar with John, he's been a blogger for over 15 years or so, and has been doing internet marketing for almost as long. John is a dynamic person who's found a way to build up his blogging into a million dollar a year business while only working a few hours a day!

What Are the Parts of a Sales Funnel?

Sales Funnel Model

Last week I talked about the general definition of a sales funnel. This week I'll delve into the 5 parts of any sales funnel: Prospects, Contacts, Leads, Finalists, and Clients.

First off all, why have all these steps?

Well, the goal of each step is basically to do what's called “qualify” the person on your list. Is this person a buyer, or a time waster? Does this person actually need what you have to offer? Does this person have the money to buy it, even if he/she does need it?

Where Is the Information?

Man Sitting Under Question Marks

We're in the middle of the Information Age, yet I've been noticing a rather nasty trend online lately, Home pages that have no information on them. Nothing to tell me who runs this site and why I should care. I'll see a lot of different things on there, but nothing informative. In fact, I just did 3 random searches on Google and picked sites at random to see if I'd find even one that did any kind of "who we are, what we do and why you should do business with us" type of statement. Not even one. Here are the sites I found and the searches I did:

More Website Reviews

Website Reviews

Today I thought I'd do another review of websites. This time we'll be looking at 2 of my favorite sites, Cesar's Way and the Vancouver Canucks. I'll follow a similar format to my last website reviews and give a paragraph about my overall experience, followed by rating it out of 10 in the key areas of good website design I outlined in an earlier post, my 4 part series called The Anatomy of Good Website Design.

What Is the Internet?

What Is the Internet?

In the past few weeks, I've reviewed a blog and 3 websites, and in the past have talked about security on your computer, what makes a good website good, and what trends are coming up for this year. But what about the technology itself? What is the Internet? Who builds and runs it?