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The Online Sales Funnel Pt 1 - An Introduction

The Online Sales Funnel - Part 1

In our new series, The Online Sales Funnel, which we'll be working on over the coming weeks, we look into the sales and marketing tool that's revolutionized e-commerce, the Online Sales Funnel.

In Part 1 we look at where the idea of Sales Funnels came from, what a Sales Funnel is, and an overview of how the Internet and new online tools have revolutionized it with automation options.

Top 10 Reasons To Update Your Website Now

Web Development - 10 Reasons to Update Your Website Now

I've gone over what makes one website good, and another bad before. Today let's get into why you need to have a good website. Why you need to be online. If you have a bad website, or no website at all, if you're not promoting your website and getting it noticed, you could be missing out on thousands or millions of dollars in lost sales – sales that will go to your competitors instead.

Radiant Freedom's On YVR Startups

Radiant Freedom Guest Appearance On YVR Startups

With all the chaos surrounding today's cyber attacks that paralyzed some of the largest websites in the world over widespread areas, security has to be on the minds of small business and startup owners. Yesterday YVR Startups published an article I wrote for them all about how to protect your business' website from just such a cyber attack.

How to Keep Your Website Site Secure From Hackers

While recovering your site from a hack or spam attack may be necessary sometimes, it's better to avoid having to in the first place. So how do you keep hackers out of your site?

Last week we touched on some basics of passwords, user Ids and other simple preventative measures for after recovering a hacked website. Now let's go into these things and more in greater detail, and how you can set your site up to be more trouble to hack then it's worth. That's really your best defence against getting hacked – make it a lost profit scenario for the hackers!

How Can I Keep My Site Safe From Hackers and Spam?

Screenshot of a Hacked Website

If your business relies on your website for even part of your lead generation or sales, seeing your Home Page turn into something like this could be your worst nightmare come true. It can be very tempting to panic at the sight of something like this! Panic is exactly what the hacker wants however. It'll paralyze your response and delay getting the hacks taken down and your proper site restored to it's fully working condition from before the hack.

What Web Development Tool Is Best For My Business?

Web Development Tools - What Should I Use?

There are many tools available to build a website with, enough that I could spend all year researching them all and write a whole book on it. But let's instead take a quick look at 3 of the most common tools. That's hand coding it, using WordPress, and using Drupal.

Online Marketing: Choosing the Right Social Media for Your Business

Social Media

Social media sites have become the dominant platform for online marketing. Consumers have come to expect the two-way interaction with businesses that social media provides. However, it can be overwhelming and confusing to decide what to sign up for and how to proceed. You might be tempted to sign up for a few of the most popular sites (and maybe you already have) but they might not be the right fit for your business.

I Run A Service Business, How Is A Sales Funnel Relevant to Me?

Lead Generation Sales Funnel

This seems like a no-brainer. “I don't have any products I could sell online so how could I possibly benefit from a sales funnel?” On the surface it would seem like you can't. The reality is that there are many kinds of sales funnels, each catering to a different goal. If you run a service business, what kind of sales funnel to you need?