Characteristics of Successful People – Discipline

Discipline: three businessmen running a race

This is another of the essential traits you need to become successful. Without discipline, you will not be able to stay focused on your ultimate goal, nor will you put in the effort needed to develop your skills or reach your goals and dreams – your success.

So what is discipline?

The most relevant definitions on are: “activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training... the rigor or training effect of experience, adversity, etc.”

So a person who is disciplined will put in the extra effort needed to achieve excellence, learn from his/her life experiences and be continuously developing skills. An undisciplined person would instead make excuses, go off track, fail to learn from experiences, not bother to develop skills, and refuse put in that extra effort.

Let's look at it this way... have you ever tried to work with an undisciplined person?

I'll bet you have at some point or other, and if so, you have undoubtedly been frustrated by such a person failing to return calls or get tasks done on time. When tasks are finally done, the quality is probably mediocre at best, serving only to frustrate you even more! Then comes the lack of improvements. The person just does not learn much! And so the frustrating habits continue.

You no doubt find such people a pain in the rear to deal with, I know I sure do.

How about working with a disciplined person?

You are no doubt pleasantly surprised when the job is done early, and exceeds your expectations! You are no doubt impressed with how such a person's skills develop and the quality and speed of such a person's work keeps on improving.

You probably find such people a real pleasure to work with – I sure do!

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