“You're happiest while you're making the greatest contribution.” -- Robert F. Kennedy

If you really look at it, this is truer than most realize – especially in today's society where people are led to believe that the ultimate happiness comes from idleness, from doing absolutely nothing at all. Yet take a look at the most idle people in society and there is where you'll find the most unhappy people you'll ever see.

Try it, take a look at a program like Entertainment Tonight, and look at all the insane things the idle rich do. Take a walk down skid row and take a look at all the insanity the idle homeless get themselves into. Both are at opposite extremes of society, yet both have one thing in common, they're miserable.

Why? Why are they so miserable? Simple. They have nothing to do, no positive contributions to make. The dregs of society have all either lost the ability to contribute, or were denied the opportunity to contribute. The idle rich were sold this bill of good that spending their money on being able to do nothing would bring them ultimate happiness. If they're not happy yet, it's because they're not idle enough yet. Yet the more idle they try to be, the more miserable they get.

Now take a look at a poor but hard working person, and you'll see someone who's got self-respect at least, and at least that measure of happiness. Next take a hard-working rich person. This is someone who's achieved the pinnacle of success. You'll likely have a hard time finding a happier person. They're working hard to contribute to society, and being very successful personally while doing it.

So what does all this mean?

Find something you're passionate about, that you love doing, and that helps build a healthier society and you're on the road to happiness. Find something you are willing to succeed at, that you are willing to get rich and successful doing and in the process help others to also live a better life, and you've found your formula for happiness and success in life.

Let your search for true happiness begin now!

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