Webmaster Services Plan

Our monthly plan where we take on the job of the routine maintenance of your website such as WordPress/Drupal updates, regular backups and restoring your website should it go down for any reason. All of these tasks can be a real chore for you and your staff and take their attention away from doing what your business does best - serving your customers.

What you get with our Webmaster Services Plan is:

  • Weekly website backups to limit data loss if something goes wrong.
  • Weekly updates of WordPress or Drupal to reduce the risk of your site being hacked.
  • Weekly threat scans to find any weaknesses a hacker could use to take over your site.
  • Google Traffic reports so you know how much traffic your site is getting and what direction it's trending in.
  • Full restoration of your website if it goes down for any reason, be it technical problems or your site was hacked.
  • Rate: $200/month

    To sign up for our Webmaster Services Plan, and let us worry about keeping your site online and working properly, Contact Us now.