Integrity: Essential for Your Success


This one thing is the biggest key to your success in all areas of life. It's your own personal integrity. Without integrity, you're pretty much sunk.

So What is Integrity?

In a nutshell, it's being true to yourself, in knowing what you know, and that you know it. It's in having to courage to speak up about what you know. It's also looking and observing and making what you actually observe be what you know.

What Results Then From a Lack of Integrity?

If you are not having integrity you will find yourself doubting what you see, hear, etc. You will not have the courage and confidence to speak up when you see something about to go wrong... or right. You will not be able to observe what's really going on around you and know what is really true in your life. This will leave you doubting yourself, the people around you and most likely in a state of confusion, since nothing will make sense to you.

How Can I have Integrity?

This is one of the simplest questions, to answer, yet for many can be one of the most difficult things to actually do.

To have integrity, you need to:

  • Observe the world around you
  • Trust that your own observations are true and accurate
  • Be confident that what you have observed, you know
  • Speak up about what you've observed

Once you can manage to do these 4 things, you will find that you have found within you your personal integrity.

If you find it too hard to do all 4 of them at once, a good starting point is to simply go out and observe the world around you, look at things, hear things, smell things, observe your reality and you can then develop your trust that what you are observing is true. At this point you're already half way there, you now have to be confident that you know what you have observed.

Once you reach this point, where you are now confident that you know what you have observed, the only thing that remains is to build the habit of speaking up about what you observe. To develop this, a good exercise is to go out and talk with people. This might seem hard at first, but if you get passed your fears and doubts about it, you'll find it gets easier. Here's a fact for you that will help – people are naturally social, and naturally want to communicate. Most are just scared to do so, but once you get the conversation started, you'll find most break out of there shell and open up.

I've done this myself and have met some amazing people this way, and you can too!

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